Slaybies Fitness collection is a women sports and fitness wear retailer with the vision of providing high quality fitness wears of all sizes and shapes for clients who desires comfort and expression. The vision for the establishment of the store was birthed upon close scrutiny of the sports and fitness fashion niche and the apparent dissatisfaction with the available options. This is what informed the establishment of the store to create a new order and set a standard for others to follow. Fitness is a requirement for healthy living and it takes the right wears to make it fun and enjoyable which is why we made it our goal to provide the best in fashion and fitness wears available.

We acknowledge the fact that human resources is the biggest asset of any organization and this is why we have a generous welfare package for our staff to keep them motivated and performing optimally at their functions. Our goal in the immediate future is to become a market leader in fitness apparels for women, innovate and create trendy and unique fashion wears and exceed our customer's expectations in every way we can. Our core values are; dependability, affordability, uniqueness and responsive customer service, these are the tools through which our target domination of the fitness fashion niche is predicated.

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